Engaging with our communities

Our contracts have the potential to offer long-term value to our communities, for example through schools, hospitals, or other infrastructure contracts, as well as by providing employment and skills.

We want to leave a lasting legacy of opportunity for all. So this year we reviewed and developed our Sustainable Communities Strategy to bring together all existing policies, programmes and best practice. This is not a significant change of direction but part of our aim to focus on areas of key strategic importance in communities, and understand better the overall investment and return.

Our new Sustainable Communities Strategy

Our refreshed strategy reflects policymaker thinking on sustainable communities – for example, the Egan Review (2004) – which emphasises the need for a holistic approach. Our strategy now more clearly defines how we will work in partnership with our customers to:

  • leave a lasting and positive legacy in the communities where we work
  • maximise positive public and community relations from our activities
  • leverage our community leadership to retain and grow business opportunities
  • attract and retain motivated employees for whom making a difference to society is a driver of performance.

We will be focusing on a number of key areas, namely engaging with employees of the future by creating employment and developing skills; working through local businesses; being a good neighbour; and improving our communities.

Local community partnerships

Our Group strategy provides a framework for consistency that will allow each business and contract the flexibility to decide which partnerships and programmes work best for them. We have defined a Community Partnerships Matrix to ensure alignment with our strategic aims.

Ensuring our investment is positive

During the bid phase, we conduct community impact assessments for each major contract. Once we have won the contract, we create a Community Engagement Plan which lays out how we will guarantee local employment and supplier business opportunities, among other aspects. Going forward, we have improved our current approach and will implement pioneering new Community Needs Plans on all contracts to ensure activity is targeted to address the needs of each local community. Bureau Veritas has reviewed a sample of Community Needs Plans and is satisfied that progress has been made.

In Carillion, our network of Community Regeneration Managers, Liaison Managers and Champions helps to implement the strategy and raise awareness.


Goup of people on an allotment

Working with Manchester Mind

Carillion’s community programme at the One St Peter’s Square contract in Manchester, UK, aims to actively support local people economically and socially. For example, it has provided 20 apprenticeships and 28 work placements to homeless people.

As well as providing training and employment to under-represented groups, the contract team has reached out to local organisations that need support. This Manchester Mind’s Bite Bags initiative involves supporting those with mental health issues to grow vegetables in local allotments, which they then bag with other locally sourced vegetables and a healthy eating recipe.

Carillion obtained £1,500 from our Dragon’s Den style Community Fund event to cover volunteer expenses, and agreed for the site office to be one of the Bite Bags collection points. John Currie, Project Director, joined the Bite Bags steering group.

As a result of Carillion’s efforts, neighbouring businesses including Subway and the Midland Hotel are now also keen to be involved.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

We are proud to be an Associate Member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, and are aligned to the principles set out in its Code of Considerate Practice. This includes meeting requirements such as minimising noise and dust, and ensuring our working hours reduce inconvenience to the local community.

In 2012, 99 Considerate Constructor Audits of UK construction contracts were completed, with an overall average contract score of 35.8 out of 40. The average industry score was 33.15 out of 40.

Committed to...

...introducing community needs plans for 100% of our contracts by 2013

...maximising local spend and employment to 60% of contract turnover

See our progress against targets


community partner organisations

Over £2 million

infrastructure investments provided for public benefit


Emrill wins Dubai Chamber CSR Label

Group of people with certificate

Our facilities management company in the United Arab Emirates, Emrill, became the first facilities management company to be awarded the Dubai Chamber Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Label for operating a business based on sustainable and responsible corporate practices.

The CSR recognition was awarded to Emrill after a strenuous audit of their internal policies, programmes and initiatives in several areas including employee satisfaction, environmental impact, community and social efforts, to name a few.

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