Recruiting and retaining excellent people

Ensuring that our employees feel motivated, inspired and recognised, and that we can continue to attract the very best people going forward, goes to the heart of our business strategy.

From recruitment to retirement, the way we develop, reward and retain people has a significant impact on business performance. With this in mind, we have People Plans in place for each of our businesses, reviewed by the Carillion Board twice a year. We also have mature employee engagement and learning and development programmes entrenched within our business units.

Recruiting locally and fairly

Our strategy is to recruit from our existing internal employees where we can. We advertise all roles internally for a minimum of two weeks, and send a list of vacancies to those staff in the process of being redeployed, as well as ensuring that hiring teams themselves have visibility of staff who are looking.

Where we do need to recruit externally, we prioritise the local area. Recruiting locally can help stimulate local economies, reduce employee travel costs and carbon, and ensure more flexibility for our employees with a stake in the outcomes of our contracts.

By recruiting this way, we are aligning our people strategy with our community and carbon reduction strategies. See also Employment and training.


Career fair

Omanisation initiative

Carillion Alawi is providing career opportunities to Omani nationals to contribute to the government’s ‘Omanisation’ initiative, which aims to increase the number of Omanis employed in the private sector.

Carillion runs careers fairs to attract young graduates, offers a structured graduate programme, and has a permanent recruiter placed within the Ministry of Manpower. Once recruited, Omanis receive support from the business through the trade skill school and English language training.

We strive to eliminate all bias and unlawful discrimination in relation to job applicants, employees, our business partners and members of the public. All our managers receive guidance and training on this. See Promoting diversity.

Retaining the best people

Keeping the talent we have helped develop within Carillion makes good business sense. This is why we continue to invest significantly in learning and development, and innovative ways of engaging our people, even during trying financial times.

We also know that people need to be rewarded to remain motivated. Our competitive remuneration package takes into account personal performance and provides access to a wide range of benefits. These include pensions, childcare vouchers, healthcare, the Carillion Thank You Scheme and a holiday scheme. Overall, we want people to feel empowered and engaged by our reward choice.

Reward goes hand in hand with recognising those who have gone the extra mile. Our annual Values Awards and S Factor awards are two examples of how we do this.

Committed to...

...increasing our employee satisfaction score to 80% by 2020

...maximising local spend and employment to 60% of contract turnover

See our progress against targets


graduate interns in the UK and MENA


77 years’ service with Carillion

Sonny and Anjanie Chattergoon have achieved a combined 77 years of service with Carillion’s Caribbean operation. Sonny has recently retired after 35 years but Anjanie is still with us, and her 42 years of service make her one of our longest-serving employees anywhere in the Group.

“I guess you could say we’re pretty loyal people, but if the company is good to you and the people you work with are good, there’s no need to leave.”Anjanie Chattergoon, Carillion Caribbean longest-serving employee

Anjanie Chattergoon
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