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The Carillion Academy

The Carillion Academy is coordinating our approach to the Social Mobility Compact, and continues to work closely with the UK Government’s Skills Funding Agency within the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to develop skilled and flexible employees.

We have done this by supporting several key Employer Ownership of Skills bids designed to create jobs and apprenticeships and support small companies. For example, in August 2012, we were awarded our fourth national contract with the National Apprenticeship Service to provide training through the Carillion Academy. In 2012, we continued to deliver the facilities management level 3 apprenticeship, and in November our first business apprenticeships were launched.

Going forward we will put our Green Deal apprenticeship strategy through the contract, and potentially a new Rail level 2 qualification on behalf of the National Skills Academy. We are also hopeful that an award in 2013 for the Rail sector will allow us to extend our training capability outside of what Carillion needs for itself, for the benefit of the entire Rail industry.


Apprentice at work

Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications through the Carillion Academy

Apprenticeships in facilities management and business administration have been successfully launched to complement our proven track record in construction and electrical mechanical operations. See Committed to action.

We are also currently recruiting young people onto both Rail and Civil Engineering apprenticeship programmes. It is our aim that when these apprentices complete, they will take advantage of our further education funding support policies. These aim to develop technical skills from entry level qualifications through to levels 4 and 5, and ultimately to degree level.

Green skills are a new area for the academy. We have commenced the mobilisation of the first Green Deal contract in Birmingham, recruiting, training and qualifying young people in low-carbon skills. We are looking to do more in 2013, with a collaborative approach with the three sector skills councils in the Green Deal Alliance. We want Carillion to set the benchmark nationally for the new frameworks and provide access to our expertise in training and qualifications to create a green workforce that goes wider than our own operations.

Leadership development

We offer a range of leadership development programmes for senior managers as well as individuals identified as having leadership potential, including:

  • Power of Engagement Programme, our senior leadership development programme to support our aim to attract, develop and retain excellent people
  • The Carillion Leadership Programme, designed to identify and develop people early in their careers who have the potential to fill key leadership roles in the future, with over 50 participants managed through a structured two-year programme of placements and formal learning
  • The Futures Network, which now has over 150 participants across all the businesses spread around the UK and Middle East, bringing together the next generation of managers and leaders within Carillion who may at some point in the future become part of the Carillion Leadership Programme
  • Supervisory and Leadership programmes in the businesses, launched to complete our Stepladder of leadership, which have built upon the extensive Level 3 NVQ programmes launched in 2011.



Our Stepladder of progression

To encourage social mobility, we try to provide clear development paths for all our employees to encourage progression – our Stepladder. Each job family career framework in Oracle supports this by making it possible for employees to progress outside of the contract or territory they are in.


The Carillion Academy enables all to climb this ladder. For example by:

  1. offering entry-level vocational qualifications or access to an apprenticeship
  2. developing technical and vocational skills to level 3 and above
  3. offering leadership training from the team leader level
  4. offering professional training support
  5. financing further education courses and professional fees (in 2012 Carillion spent over £500,000 on professional membership programmes for its employees).

“In 2012 we saw our first new hires through from the Work Programme and intend to grow to an annual figure of over 100 new entrants from the young and unemployed through the Youth Contract scheme.”Dean Smith, Head of the Carillion Academy

Dean Smith
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