Promoting diversity

We believe that by promoting a culture that welcomes diversity and champions equality of opportunity for all, we will be better placed to serve our customers and communities.

We are proud of Carillion’s working environment in which all people are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. Our inclusive approach focused on gender in 2012. We have also continued our minority-targeted recruitment via SkyBlue, as well as providing training and employment opportunities for people who may have been marginalised from mainstream society. See also Employment and training.

We know we can do more. We need to ensure that our employees reflect the society and communities we operate in, as well as the clients we work with, when it comes to gender or ethnicity. In 2013, we will expand our ethnicity focus.

Women in Leadership Network

Research by the 30% Club indicates that firms with women on their boards tend to outperform those led by exclusively male members.

At Carillion we know we have work to do on improving our diversity and in 2012, we launched some initiatives that over time will support and encourage women into the leadership levels of the organisation.

The Women in Leadership Network is a pan-Carillion example of our commitment to diversity. We positively encourage its members to work with other networks like the Women Returners and Working Mums networks, to address barriers to leadership including:

  • how to manage the return to work process
  • options for a flexible return at the same level
  • alternative part-time roles.

Empowering minority groups

SkyBlue, our recruitment arm, works closely with our customers and local employment partners to align their campaigns to demographic areas and hard-to-reach groups. This includes empowering minority groups or those from socially deprived backgrounds.

SkyBlue partners include:

  • Action for the Blind
  • Business Action on Homelessness
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Leap Initiative (London)

Through the Jobcentre Plus partnership, SkyBlue was able to offer employment to 400 people and in-branch work experience placements to 49 individuals – six of whom went on to permanent, paid employment within SkyBlue. The business is particularly proud to have run its first placement for Action for the Blind, and is looking forward to offering more in 2013, as well as training sessions for its staff to prepare for these placements. The ultimate aim is to place visually impaired candidates into paid employment, not only with Carillion but with our customers.


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Working alongside Hidden Impairment National Group

SkyBlue has attained Associate Company status with the Hidden Impairment National Group (HING), a UK network of professionals, health and disability organisations, and disabled people, all committed to support the recruitment and retention of individuals with hidden impairments.

The HING has designed and developed specialised learning resources including the Uncovering Hidden Impairment Toolkit, which we have been rolling out across the business to raise awareness and promote equal opportunities.

SkyBlue, our recruitment arm is ‘Equality Assured’ and ‘Proud to be Clear Assured’

“We’re not addressing diversity because it’s the ‘right thing to do’. We’re doing it because it’s good for the individual, good for the community and good for business.”Maureen Tompsett, Head of Career Development

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