Engaging subcontractors and contract teams

As with our overall approach to sustainability, supporting others along our journey is fundamental to achieving zero waste to landfill.

For this reason, we involve our suppliers and subcontractors from the early stages of every contract, to ensure waste to landfill is kept to the absolute minimum.

For example, in our facilities management business in the UK, we are working with our preferred waste supplier, SITA, to increase recycling, and where this is not possible use waste to energy rather than landfill as a last resort. For our office and our clients’ refurbishment programmes, we are partnering with sustainable waste contractor Go Green, a building materials exchange. See Bringing our suppliers along on the journey.

Performance league tables

In the Middle East, we compile performance league tables based on waste data for each of our contracts. As well as providing us with regular management information on progress against our targets, they also introduce an element of competition among our contract teams, incentivising them to achieve more, faster.

League tables are published every month with the bottom three performing contracts required to produce improvement plans.

Abu Dhabi

Al Bahr Towers

Trash into treasure, Al Bahar Towers

Working with local charitable partners, Al Futtaim Carillion in Abu Dhabi became involved in the Recycle for a Cause campaign to collect ring tabs. Around 750,000 ring tabs and 53,000 plastic bags have been collected since the project’s launch, which have been made into new products like purses and bags. This has reduced aluminium waste by 187kg and plastic by 65kg. Almost £77,000 has now been raised, to support children's education for the Philippine Community Fund.

Going forward the goal is to collect 1 million ring pulls and 2 million plastic bags.

“We are so grateful to Carillion for its support, which has enabled us to scale our efforts. The campaign’s ability to transform trash into treasure has resonated extremely well across various segments of society. It has been deeply heart-warming to see both the social and financial return on this community investment.”Suparna Mathur, Recycle for a Cause

Shared best practice

on our sustainability strategy to reduce waste at the 3rd Annual Waste Management Forum in Dubai


Putting waste oil back to use

Petro-canada logo

Carillion and Petro-Canada Lubricants have partnered on the challenge of waste oil for 50 years, addressing the issues of lubricant storage, safe product handling practices, oil sampling and monitoring. We have recently collaborated on an innovative approach to reuse waste oil. Through this programme, Petro-Canada Lubricants and Veolia Environmental, a waste oil receiver in Eastern Canada, collect used oil from Carillion sites located in Ontario for reuse.

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