Bureau Veritas’s Independent Verification Statement

Introduction and objectives

Bureau Veritas has undertaken a review process against a selection of Carillion plc’s 2012 sustainability targets. This review process aims to provide independent verification of the stated level of achievement of the selected targets and provides assurance to Carillion’s stakeholders that data referring to these targets is a reflection of overall performance. In addition, Bureau Veritas also undertook a materiality review of Carillion’s 2020 sustainability strategy.

Scope and methodology

The Carillion plc 2012 Sustainability Report will address the sustainability impacts from all the Carillion businesses in the UK, Middle East and Canada. The information and data reviewed for this verification process will cover the reporting period: 1 January 2012 – 31 December 2012.

In order to form our conclusions, Bureau Veritas conducted the activities outlined below;

  • Phone interviews with key Carillion personnel (head office and regional staff);
  • Review of supporting documentation (including: policies, procedures, minutes of meetings, email correspondence, and presentations);
  • Review of amalgamated site and business unit data sets (e.g. waste and carbon);
  • Interrogation of spreadsheets and selected data sampling.

The targets verified and Bureau Veritas’s opinion are presented in Targets and progress.

In addition to reviewing the achievement of selected targets Bureau Veritas also undertook a materiality review which focused on the processes undertaken to create the Carillion 2020 sustainability strategy. The way in which a business identifies its material issues and consults, engages and responds to its stakeholders is important to ensure that the issues addressed and managed by the business truly reflect their key risks. Carillion underwent a defined process with Forum for the Future to create its current 2020 sustainability strategy and Bureau Veritas reviewed the processes applied to confirm whether the strategy truly reflects the key sustainability risks for Carillion plc.

Materiality review

Bureau Veritas has reviewed the development process for the Carillion plc 2020 sustainability vision and strategy. Forum for the Future supported Carillion in the development of the strategy by interviewing appropriate internal and external stakeholders, facilitating workshops to help identify the key material issues for the Group and to help foster the aim of Carillion in their mission to ‘make tomorrow a better place’.

It is Bureau Veritas’ opinion, based on the assessments made and the evidence reviewed, that the development process and the strategy itself address the key sustainability issues for Carillion and its customers and that key areas, known as the ‘six positive outcomes’ have been appropriately targeted and progress will be duly monitored. The strategy is strongly aligned to the business strategy for the Group and its aim is to become fully embedded in the culture of the organisation.

Limitation and exclusions

The preparation of Carillion plc’c 2012 Sustainability Report is the sole responsibility of Carillion plc. The verifier has an obligation to the stakeholders of Carillion and readers of the report, and is exclusively responsible for the content of this verification statement. Carillion has provided access to the documentation and data required to undertake the verification process and Bureau Veritas is confident that no material information has been withheld.

Excluded from the scope of our work is:

  • Any information not directly linked to the selected targets;
  • Activities outside the defined reporting period;
  • Company strategy and position statements (including any expression of opinion, belief, aspiration, expectation or aim);
  • Financial data which is taken from Carillion’s Annual Report and Accounts.

A limited sample of site specific source data (e.g. waste transfer notes) and records were reviewed as part of this assessment.

This independent statement should not be relied upon to detect errors, omissions or misstatements that may exist within Carillion’s reported information. The scope of our work was defined and agreed in consultation with Carillion plc. Our work covers global operations and relies upon the accurate collation of information at Carillion’s worldwide locations and its UK offices.

Statement of independence

Bureau Veritas is an independent professional services company that specialises in quality, health, safety, social and environmental management advice and compliance with over 180 years history in providing independent verification and assurance services. Bureau Veritas has implemented a code of ethics across its business which ensures that all our staff maintains high standards of integrity and independence. We believe our verification assignment did not raise any conflicts of interest. Our team completing the work has extensive knowledge and experience of conducting verification over sustainability information and systems.

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