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Carillion’s focus on sustainability helps to differentiate us from our competitors and enables us to respond to increased customer demand for social and environmental services.

Our customers look to Carillion to help them generate commercial and sustainability value. We do this by sharing expertise, driving innovation, and ultimately adding value by creating sustainable solutions that impact beyond our immediate operations.

Our approach brings benefits to customers, including improved efficiency and reduced costs. See Sustainable design for examples of how we work to make a positive difference to society and the environment.

In the UK, our most mature market for energy efficiency services, we have helped 2.3 million people at risk of fuel poverty tackle energy loss under the Government’s Warm Front schemes. We have also partnered with Belfry and Cambridge University to market, sell and install a new low-carbon heating product, EcoPod. This is one of the most technically advanced community heating solutions, which can bring down customers’ energy bills by over 40%. Under the Clean Energy Programme (CEP), we have installed ‘PV for free’ solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on social housing equating to over 6 megawatt (MW) capacity.


Helping tenants take control with EcoPod

Helping tenants take control with EcoPod

Residents of Engels House, a 10-storey block owned by City West Housing Trust in Salford, Manchester, have benefited from the installation of EcoPod, the latest solar, gas and thermal heating system on the market.

The EcoPod system houses cascade boilers and six 600-watt thermal solar collectors to recycle heat in the building. Tenants are charged a flat rate for their heating, and a building management system installed during the retrofit allows City West to monitor energy use and alert staff if a tenant’s credit is low, or their heating stops.

Dennis and Dorothy Parr, both in their seventies, were among the first in the UK to benefit. The couple are now able to adjust heating according to the weather. They commented that: “With EcoPod we can monitor our usage on a daily basis. You press a button and it tells you exactly how much you’ve used, so you’re in control.”

The Sustainability Investment Committee

Investing in research, development and innovation is one of the ways in which Carillion can generate future growth.

In 2012, Carillion launched the Sustainability Investment Committee. This provides £120,000 of funding to invest in the research, development, and implementation of solutions that will support the delivery of one or more of our six positive outcomes as part of our 2020 sustainability strategy.

Business units are encouraged to submit proposals that could lead to the development of new products, services or improvements, or perhaps ideas of improvements that could be made to existing products or services that are used in our businesses.

In 2012, the committee granted funding for the following projects:

  • Development of a Standard Model Solution to enable Carillion to download fuel consumption and performance information from telematic systems on a range of plant equipment. See Meeting our carbon targets.
  • Our subsidiaries Schal and TPS received research funding to gather and review energy and building data across two Carillion hospitals. The objectives of this research will seek to improve Carillion’s understanding on what design elements generate the biggest energy and cost savings.
  • Energy behaviour change – to run a pilot energy change through behaviour programme in Carillion in conjunction with a Futures Network team who will then roll out to the wider UK business.
  • To install solar panels at our head office in Dubai.

We are continually searching for new possibilities and opportunities. For example, in the Middle East, we are working with our external partners on new product developments such as retrofitting of existing buildings and refurbishment of assets.


Community Energy Saving Programme

Community Energy Saving Programme

Business development teams from Carillion in the UK and our subsidiary Schal joined together to develop and secure the single largest Community Energy Saving Programme of works in England in 2012.

Working with the London Borough of Redbridge, the project is tackling fuel poverty for more than 530 homes within the Orchard Estate. As well as using EcoPod, the project is also providing educational services to the residents focused on sustainable living.

The scheme will save 177,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the road for a day. This is an example of innovation that delivers benefits for people as well as providing a low-carbon solution.

3.7 millionSun

tonnes of carbon savings for our customers

“My quarterly bills were around £70, but they are now typically around £38 and I am over the moon. It has been the same for my neighbours who had the systems installed.”Pauline Bray, ‘PV for free’ recipient, Welwyn, UK


Solar panels at Nationwide

Field of solar panels

Carillion Energy Services in the UK was commissioned for a solar PV installation at the headquarters of Nationwide Building Society in Swindon. The project was commissioned so that the client would generate revenue based on government feed-in tariffs, with 100% of the electricity generated being used within the building. Due to the structural difficulties of the lightweight roof, we used a bespoke aerodynamic roof mount system, which was the first of its kind in the UK. We carried out the installation within 10 working days, including a monitor in the reception area to display the kWh generated and the carbon saved.

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