Committed to action: Piccadilly Estate leading the way

The UK’s Piccadilly Estate contract is our flagship example of how we can achieve so much more when we involve our customers and suppliers in our sustainability efforts.

As part of their property management portfolio, Carillion Facilities Management services a number of buildings in central Manchester, including Piccadilly Place and One Piccadilly Gardens.

The Piccadilly Estate contract was the overall winner of the S Factor 2012, demonstrating that by applying our expertise to influence office tenants, retailers, landlords, building owners, and supply chains, alongside specialist sustainability organisations like Groundwork, Carillion can lead the way in our sector, and gain recognition along the way.

Because this project operates on a service charge contract, it offers a unique opportunity for a particularly direct relationship with the client, with whom the team meets formally at least weekly, and informally almost daily. But it is the engagement with the ‘client’s clients’ that is proving the key to a sustainable project model. Daily interactions with tenants such as Pret a Manger, HSBC, BNY Mellon, Pizza Express and Allianz have fostered a network of beneficial connections as the businesses work side by side to meet their corporate responsibility goals.

For example, the biggest tenant in Three Piccadilly Place is NHS North West. By building a mutually beneficial relationship, Carillion’s efforts were recognised in being awarded the 2012 North West Public Health Awards category for Sustainable Economies for Wellbeing for its approach to climate change adaptation.

Carillion has applied its solid client relationships to ensure that supply chains are resilient for the long term. In close consultation with the client, local businesses were prioritised. For example, Carillion partnered with CityCo, Manchester city centre’s non-profit management organisation, on its award-winning initiative to create a ‘pocket park’ for tenants and communities, with funding from the Carillion Charity Fund.

Thanks to Carillion’s proactive approach to bringing clients and suppliers along the journey, the project is on track to achieve annual savings on two of the buildings of £700,000 and 6,000 tonnes of carbon, and 5.2 million litres of water by 2020, as a result of energy and water efficiency measures.

The team’s vision was to create a highly sustainable Estate that is valued by local communities, and has measurable achievements in terms of ongoing reductions in carbon emissions and associated cost reductions. During 2012, their collaborative approach began to turn this vision into reality.

For an insight into the wider sustainability outcomes of the Piccadilly Estate contract, see The S Factor.

“Working alongside Carillion, we have established a working environment at Piccadilly Place which is highly regarded in the Manchester business world.”Ben Du Boulay, director of The Carlyle Group which owns Piccadilly Place

Ben Du Boulay

“It is definitely worth investing in face-to-face collaboration with the client. It fosters a sense of partnership and allows us to understand each other’s priorities, goals, values and aspirations more fully.”Phil Murphy, Compliance and Sustainability Manager, Carillion Facilities Management

Phil Murphy
S Factor overall winner and Leading the Way winner

S Factor overall winner and Leading the Way winner
The Piccadilly Estate contract was the overall winner of the S Factor 2012

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