Committed to action: playing our part in the Green Deal

The Green Deal is a major initiative from the UK Government designed to help householders and businesses save money faster through energy efficiency, and to create employment in the low-carbon sector.

The deal is that if people take measures to make their homes more energy efficient, the Government will provide them with upfront finance so that they can benefit from energy savings much faster. Finance is in the form of a loan that will be paid back via the householder’s savings on their energy bills.

As the UK’s leading independent energy services provider, capable of creating major new opportunities in the domestic and business energy services market, Carillion Energy Services became a key Green Deal delivery partner in 2012.

Carillion’s partnership commitment initially focused on its Birmingham Energy Savers programme (BES). This joint initiative with Birmingham City Council plans to refurbish around 60,000 homes and non-domestic buildings with energy-saving measures like new insulation and boilers.

Beyond its mission to make heating more affordable to households, the initiative hopes to create at least 360 jobs and help 600 people from priority groups into placements, training and jobs, many through Carillion’s investment and skills training, but also by encouraging its business partners to invest locally in a range of new green energy facilities. See Skills for marginalised groups: UK.

In December, Carillion announced a partnership with Citysave Credit Union to further roll out BES and put in place funding arrangements to make the work affordable and accessible to all, with a focus on vulnerable households who may be struggling with rising energy bills.

Carillion’s Green Deal activities include marketing and engagement, home energy assessment, installation of measures, aftercare and maintenance, programme management, and finance and business systems. There are also opportunities for residents to gain new skills, access ‘green’ jobs and grow their businesses.

Getting people to buy into the Green Deal concept is one of the biggest challenges facing the Government and partners like Carillion. We have applied our community engagement expertise to tackle this. For example, we held a series of three one-day events run by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) on behalf of the Kent and Medway Green Deal Partnership, aimed at explaining the Green Deal to local small businesses and showing them how to become registered Green Deal suppliers.

In demonstrating our strengths as a key partner of the Green Deal as it takes shape, Carillion is well placed to win new work, guarantee a pipeline of skills and create the thriving communities necessary to succeed in the emerging low-carbon economy.

“There are not many times when what we do helps change the world, but this is one of them.”Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council

John Swinney speaks at ReXpo on the Green Deal

John Swinney speaks at ReXpo on the Green Deal
John Swinney, Business Development Director, Carillion Energy Services, argues that the essence of a successful Green Deal lies in inspiring and exciting homeowners about the scheme.

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