Climate change

To fulfil our vision of becoming the leading sustainable support services company, we offer solutions that mitigate the effects of climate change and help people adapt to its impacts.

Our aim is to ensure that financial success does not have to equate to high emissions. We want to reduce climate change risks and maximise potential new contracts to the businesses. Our services are already helping Carillion’s customers drive down carbon emissions and realise cost savings. We continue to work towards carbon neutrality, so that together with our customers, we become the lowest-carbon producers in our respective sectors.

For example, at the Muscat airport, Oman, contract, the team has adopted the high-tech Kingspan KoolDuct® system for its air conditioning requirements. The technology reduces embodied carbon by 30% as well as decreasing the need for raw steel material. The system is also faster to install, saving construction time.

Carillion Energy Services is the UK’s leading independent energy services provider, capable of creating major new opportunities in the energy services market. With sector-leading expertise in energy efficiency solutions, we are in a position to transform the sustainable energy market in the UK. See also Sustainable solutions for our customers.


Installing Loft insulation

Community energy saving

Connect with Energy was a week-long public event in Dublin, Ireland, to provide advice and support to homes and businesses on how to save energy and money, as well as create new job opportunities. The Carillion Energy Services team exhibited and ran two seminars demonstrating ways to reduce energy consumption and highlighting Carillion’s approach to sustainability in the home and at work. The feedback was very positive from both the Council representatives and attendees, and attracted the highest number of attendees among the exhibitors.


We engage with key stakeholders on climate change on all of our contracts. Working towards mutual benefit for our customers and suppliers is particularly important. See Stakeholder engagement and Leading the way sections.


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Combating fuel poverty through Warm Front

Carillion Energy Services has collaborated with the UK Government Department for Energy and Climate Change to help 2.3 million people at risk of fuel poverty tackle energy loss from their homes via the Warm Front scheme. Grants of up to £3,500 were made available to households to install low-carbon heating and insulation measures in 2012, the final year of applications for the scheme.

In anticipation of the wind-down of Warm Front, we committed to reach as many people as possible who are eligible for Warm Front. We decided to go beyond traditional marketing methods and instead reach people through Home Improvement Agencies. There are a hundred or so of these Agencies across the country and they are a major point of contact for the target groups, helping around 240,000 elderly and vulnerable people every year with essential adaptations to their homes.

In partnership with Foundations, the national body for Home Improvement Agencies, we ran a year-long project of awareness-raising, training and advice to ensure all the Agencies were fully aware of Warm Front. Carillion provided the initial training and support materials to Foundations so they could be advocates of the Warm Front scheme.

As part of a government-funded energy-efficient cities initiative, Carillion has partnered with Belfry and Cambridge University to market, sell and install a new low-carbon heating product, EcoPod. At a broader level, Carillion continues to play an advocacy role in global climate change issues. For example, we are active in the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group and a Founder Member of the Prince’s Mayday Network on climate change. We have also made a public commitment supporting the Energy Bill Revolution, which is a campaign designed to persuade government to use carbon taxes raised on the use of dirty fossil fuels to support eradicating fuel poverty.


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Helping tenants cut their winter fuel bills

Our Energy Services business is an official partner of the UK Government’s Community Energy Saving Programme, a £350 million initiative to make homes more energy efficient. Carillion is working alongside housing associations to replace their tenants’ old electric heaters with energy-efficient A-rated gas central heating systems.

Committed to...

...becoming a carbon-neutral business by 2015

...reducing the amount of fuel we use by 50% by 2015

...reducing the amount of energy we use in our buildings by 20% by 2015

See our progress against targets

7th position

among nearly 3,000 organisations in the Carbon Reduction Commitment league table

Paul Russell

Paul Russell, Managing Director Carillion Highways Maintenance, pledged to cut his mileage by 10% and his vehicle miles per gallon by 20%. Find out how he did.


saved through telematics system in our UK vehicle fleet


Adapting to Climate Change category of the North West Public Health Awards, for the Manchester Piccadilly Estate

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